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Our Story

Hello, It’s Me Soojey and thats my beautiful wife & business partner Renuu. I know how you exactly feel because I have been in the situation probably where you are right now. Since my childhood I was very much passionate and excited about starting a business someday, but since I was born and raised in a middle class family and society so there was always a lack of guidance and roadmap to fulfill my business dream. In 2010, I met my first teacher who asked me to read a best selling book by Robert Kiyosaki to understand what a business is all about after seeing my dream and desire to launch my own business someday. After reading the book I understood that a business is the only way to personal freedom. Soon after I launched a traditional transport business by borrowing money from my family members and ran it successfully for over a year, made a lot of money and then my business failed because of the changing economic situation at that time. The failure led me to a massive debt pile and frustration and at the same time it also made me aware that most traditional businesses require a lot of hard work, lot of money, lot of man power and lot of recurring expenses to run, which was very true in my case because my business took most of my time to run, it also required a lot of money no matter what to run smoothly and it was not dependent on my efforts but dependent on the economy, companies I was working with and my staff members – I was the boss but I had no control.

How we help you launch your business?

  • Step 1 – We invite you to take a look at our opportunity through one of our
    live seminars or online webinars.
  • Step 2 – We give you complete understanding of our opportunity and
  •  Step 3 – If you are a fit and are willing to partner with us, we offer you access
    to our business opportunity and training and education system.
  •  Step 4 – Once in the team we enroll you and give you access to our training
    and education system where you learn all the secrets to building a successful
    online business step by step.
  • Step 5 – You apply what you learn and progress personally and financially.

Advantage of being part of our organization

  • Our Opportunity – We offer a great business opportunity that
    combines the three most amazing and fun industries to work in travel,
    internet and home-based business, so now you don’t need to go and
    search for the perfect business to suit your needs our opportunity is a
    perfect fit.
  • Our Training & Education System – We offer all our team members
    access to our training & education systems which comprises all the
    elements and information to build a successful business in a step by
    step manner. We focus on training and educating you so that you can
    build your empire independently.
  • Our Experience – With our rich and proven success in the online
    business sector it is easier for you to create a roadmap to walk on,
    gone are the days of finding your own path, you can utilize our proven
    experience to compress time and achieve success quicker.

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