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Passive Income from Online Business – The Key to Wealth Creation

Passive Income from Online Business - The Key to Wealth Creation

What is passive income? Before we understand it, let’s discuss active income first.

Active income means what you earn as an employee or a self-employee person. It is a linear income. When you stop working, the earning also stops.

Even the interest you earn from a deposit or dividend from a mutual fund investment also falls under the active income category.

Why? It is because the moment you stop saving or withdraw the amount, the capital growth gets hampered. Also, you need to put extensive efforts to maintain the earning level.

Financial experts say that active income can help in living life comfortably, but it can’t build wealth. To become rich, you must find out ways of generating passive income.

What is passive income?

A passive income is earning money by not putting direct input. It would be best if you built a business using income-generating assets.

This business will run in an auto mode and make money for you. It is not necessary to work; the asset will take over that role. The more the assets will be, the higher your wealth will be.

Of course, any business can keep running in the 100% auto mode. It will need some maintenance to keep it going. However, the proportion of input is less as compared to the output generated.

You can earn a handsome amount by working a couple of hours every month.

A few examples of passive income:

  • Rental income from real estate
  • Franchise business
  • Royalties from books, music, etc.
  • Licensing fee from a product created by you
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging and website marketing

The Internet has made passive income generation quite easy and lucrative. Many people are getting benefited by it.

Once you establish the business model well, it really works. The only thing is you need to find something fit for you. It may be property, it may be food blogging, or it may be online marketing. A structured passive income takes some time to establish, but it brings excellent results once it is set.

There is a word of caution. A passive income is nor something magical ‘get-rich-overnight’ model. It takes time to get momentum and requires dedication and patience.

Recurring income generated month after month without putting a great deal of effort is you can summarize a passive income into.

Tapping into the effective generation of passive income is an important step in the process of wealth creation.

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