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Flybucks is a leading business and education organization dedicated to help people to start their online business locally and globally and training & educating them to work and generate online.

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What We Do

At Flybucks we represent three amazing industries Travel, Internet and Home-Based Business together. Once you become a part of our team, we offer you a business opportunity that is a combination of all of these three amazing industries together. Before knowing how we help you get started in all these amazing industries together let’s look at few facts and reasons to become part of all of these industries.

Why Travel Industry?

  • Currently a $7.7 Trillion Dollar Industry, projected to double in size in the next decade.
  • 1/10th of the world’s employment is supported by the travel industry.
  • The only thing that is commonly favorite to all age-groups from kids to adults is ‘Travel’.

Why Internet Industry?

  • The internet is expanding faster than you can imagine.
  • Out of 7 Billion world population 4 Billion people have access to the internet.
  • Social Media Platforms like Facebook – 2.32 Billion, Instagram – 1 Billion, WhatsApp – 500 Million have active users worldwide.
  •  In 2018 alone global internet retail transactions reached $2.4 Trillion.
  •  People prefer doing things on the internet because of ease, comfort and convenience.

How we help you launch your business?

We invite you to take a look at our opportunity through one of our live seminars or online webinars.

We give you complete understanding of our  opportunity and system.

If you are a fit and are willing to partner with us, we offer you access to our business opportunity and training and education system.

Once enrolled you get access to our training and education system where you learn all the secrets to building a successful online business 

You apply what you learn and progress personally and financially.

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